Recognizing issues that Montanan's are facing

Focused Intentions


Pro Life / Adoption


Montanans understand that life is precious and that we're only granted so much time here. That is why Dustin will fight to make the barrier to entry for adoption simultaneously easier and faster to get through for those families that want to adopt. The mindset of "care after birth" is crucial to Dustin's beliefs, and hopes to spread that same belief to his constituents across the State. Faster and easier adoptions means more time spent together as a Family!


Energy Independence


The State motto of Montana is "Oro y Plata", which translates to "Gold and Silver". We are THE Treasure State. The treasures in Montana alone could fuel the whole of America for 100+ years. While Dustin can't do this alone, he will do all he can to stop the reliance of imported energy in Montana. This is a big deal as it could cause monthly energy bills to decrease, gas prices to decrease, and deliver reliable energy to Montanans across the State.


2A / Gun Rights


The Right to Bear Arms is a not just a Montanan way of life, but an American way of life. Sure we hunt here, but we are also ready to defend at a moment's notice. Dustin believes that the Right to Bear Arms is an INALIENABLE Right afforded to ALL Americans, and will fight to keep it that way. He plans on protecting the 2nd Amendment just as the Founding Fathers envisioned the need to include it in the Bill of Rights.  


Freedom of Speech


Dustin believes that you should be able to say what you want, without being ostricized and slandered by your peers. Our Founding Fathers envisioned a Country where there is no fear in saying what needs to be said. We as a community, State, and Country need to be able to engage in open and thought-provoking discussion, without having to deal with the hostilities of those who don't have the desire to be friendly or intellectually honest in conversing. Dustin will fight for your Right to Free Speech as if his life depended on it.




Folks here in Lewis and Clark County are feeling pain in their wallet lately. Housing prices, property taxes, grocery prices, gas prices, income taxes, all keep rising at blisteringly fast speeds. Not many Montanans are happy about these facts. Dustin aims to combat these rising costs and fight inflation. Your hard earned dollars are just that, HARD EARNED.




Let's be frank. Healthcare in Montana is lacking when compared to the rest of the Country. Montanans deserve the same access to the best healthcare that our friends and family get to enjoy elsewhere in the US. Dustin will fight for better healthcare both locally and State wide. 




Children are the future, and Parents ought to have the final say when it comes to their children's education. Dustin will fight for School Choice so that Parents and Children both have the ability to learn and grow the way they want. Many public schools aren't functioning the way they were intended to, so we as a community need to make sure that those of us who want to raise their Children as they see fit can do just that. With your vote, Dustin will do his best to ensure that School Choice and Education remains in the hands of the Parents.

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